Hi folks!  In case you haven't heard, we just announced our next generation of MIDI controllers - the DMC-3XL and DMC-4 Gen3!  Click on the pictures of the pedals below to learn more about the new capabilities.

(8/19/2016) We've just released updates for the DMC-3XL / DMC-4 Gen3 AND the Gen2 versions.  Various bugfixes, additional device support, and feature additions await.  Head over to the Files page to get the free download, or ask a question about the update on our Forum.

One Tap Changes Everything™

At Disaster Area Designs, we offer a full line of pedalboard control solutions.  Our compact MIDI controllers and pedalboard switchers allow you to change presets, engage multiple pedals with a single tap, and even manage all of your tap-tempo devices from a single location.  These little boxes let you stop tap-dancing and start playing.

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Like effects pedals?  Of course you do.  Check out our line of handcrafted delay, modulation, reverb, and drive pedals:

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