No more backlog!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the following:  the pedal backlog has now been filled.  We shipped a record number of pedals in the last 2 weeks.  We will be shipping from stock or on short lead times from this point forward.

Here’s the last of the backlog, shipped today:


Many thanks to our customers for their patience, and we hope everyone will stick around to see all the cool stuff we have coming out in the next few months!  We’ll continue to post our in-stock units on Facebook for those interested in getting pedals immediately, so check us out over there.

September 2012 Updates

Lots of stuff happening here!  First, we moved into a dedicated workshop / office space.  This means a more streamlined process and faster turnaround times on orders, as well as the opportunity for us to create some great new stuff.

Next, we’re prototyping some new products as well as refining some of the new stuff teased earlier this summer.  The DMC iTTY biTTY boards should be here next week and we can get the first few of those shipped out to our beta testers.  Once we have some videos shot they’ll be in the store.  The loop switcher pedal + MIDI controller will be next, and then we have a couple of other things that we’ll announce in October.

Finally, we have selected winners for the T-shirt contest (yes, we know it’s really late!) and will be announcing them here and on Facebook on Monday.  Winners, just email us through the contact form with size and shipping address and we’ll get it taken care of 🙂

Thanks again to all of our customers / friends / family for making this such a good year for us at Disaster Area.  We can’t do it without you.

Big News!

After almost a year of sweating and freezing in the garage, we’ve moved into a space of our own. We have most of the equipment in the new shop and have been shipping pedals for the last few days. There are a few more things to get done (painting! desks! Ethernet cables!) but we are moving much faster on the queue than ever before. Right now we are on track to ship all current orders in the next 2 weeks! After that, we will be shipping from stock. Stay tuned for more announcements, we’ve got new stuff in the works very soon!

Rapid Tone Review – Is It Best Diet Out There?

For all those looking for weight loss options and thinking of buying rapid tone diet, you must first know what it actually is and what it contains. Here is all that you need to know about the weight loss product.

What is Rapid Tone Diet?

Rapid tone is a weight loss supplement that is used with regular exercise and proper diet plan. The ingredients speed up the process of fat burn and help you lose weight in no time. You can check Rapid Tone review on blog.

What are the ingredients?

Rapid Tone contains many ingredients proven to speed up the fat burn process.

  1. Forskolin- Forskolin is known to reducing weight by increasing an enzyme that burns fats in our body, called hormone sensitive lipase.
  2. Vitamin B12- This part of the vitamin B family, also known as cyanocobalamin or cobalamin, is water soluble. This vitamin has numerous benefits like it helps us maintain a good nervous system and supports the adrenal functions which are very important for main metabolic processes and DNA synthesis.
  3. L-Carnitine- This one transports fatty acids to the mitochondria of our cells which helps them to produce more energy for the entire workout you do.
  4. Garcinia Cambogia- It well known to suppress you appetite to reduce cravings and thus, reduces the intake of the enemy of weight loss, that is, the unwanted calories.
  5. Ginseng- while weight loss process can be stressful and might make you cranky, this particular ingredient of rapid tone helps you reduce stress, lighten your mood, improve brain function and many more. It also has anti- inflammatory properties.

How Does Rapid Tone work?

The ingredients basically focus on reducing the weight gain instead of weight loss. They help you suppress you appetite so that you don’t take in much calories and it also helps you use the already stored fats in the cells your body. It also maintains the energy levels required for all types of functions required by our body. If you follow the rapid tone diet you will never be lazy and out of energy. The supplement contains carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Carbohydrate is stored in the liver in the form of glycogen and when you are out of energy this glycogen is used by the cells to make energy. The fats are the main source of energy and are stored on many parts of the body. The supplement helps release the fats from such parts and once these fats are available they are used for producing energy. Once these fats are used, the parts where fats were stored start to shrink and you start losing those extra inches.

Need a reason to choose Rapid Tone Diet?

This diet plan does not focus on just one or two parts but it helps you reduce fats in multiple ways. Following are some of the main reasons why you should follow this diet.

  1. It helps release fats from areas which are most difficult to reduce.
  2. It does not let you feel lazy as it keeps supplying energy all the time.
  3. It helps you lose water gradually to make you feel less bloated.
  4. It reduces those extra inches with a loss of weight.
  5. You get better waist, less fatty thighs, arms.
  6. It keeps you in a better mood and keeps you stress free with a raise in your confidence.

How to use it?

You are supposed to take two capsules in a day. One before taking breakfast and second one before your dinner. You should take the meal after a gap of 30 to 45 minutes for better results.

What are the side effects?

The best thing about this supplement is that there is no side effect. It is completely a herbal formula and does no harm to your body in any way. The ingredients and the sources are of best quality. This product nullifies the myth that weight loss products don’t work or that they harm your body internally. The natural ingredients are very hard to find and this product makes it easy for its customers to use such great ingredients. The only thing you should be careful while using this product is that you should keep it away from heat as hest might degrade its composition.

People who cannot use Rapid Tone Diet?

  1. Kids of age below 18 are asked not to use this.
  2. Pregnant and breastfeeding mother are asked to stay away.
  3. The ones on daily medication, please do not use it.
  4. Those with hypertension must consult a doctor before using.
  5. If you feel any type of allergy or irritability, stop using it as you might be allergic to any of the ingredients.

Where can you get it?

You will get this from the manufacturer’s website. Just select the product and the quantity and add it to cart. The order will be confirmed once you do the payment and it will reach you in 3-5 working days.


After going through the information available on the website I don’t see a reason not to buy it. The ingredients are herbal, it comes with no side effects, and always works by keeping you fit. Not all people can lose weight on their own. I would suggest this product to such people with stubborn fats. You don’t even have to go out and search for the product. Just a few minutes you spend on your phone and it will reach you within a few days.

Disaster Area Shirt Contest!

As a thank-you to our customers and friends, we’re giving away five Disaster Area t-shirts! Since we love you all and can’t pick favorites, we’re going to settle this by lottery. To enter:

1. Send us a photo of your pedalboard with a Disaster Area product installed. We’ll be putting the photos up in a special gallery here on the page and on our website
2. If you’re not currently using a Disaster Area controller, don’t worry. You can enter by liking us here on FB and posting a comment to this photo.

Shirts are available in men’s L, XL, and 2XL only. We’ll cover domestic shipping but we’d kindly ask any international contest winners to cover half the international postage. We’ll be giving away the shirts on July 13th, so you all have time to snap some sweet pics of your boards. We’re looking forward to seeing how creative you’ve all gotten with your Disaster Area controllers!

Here’s what the shirts look like:

To submit pics, post them on our Facebook page –

Shirts are available in the Store as well!


Thanks, everybody!

DMC iTTY biTTY prototype!

The newest addition to the DMC lineup is the iTTY biTTY.  The “TTY” is old-school hacker slang for “TeleTYpe,” which is what we used to use to program computers back in the day.  It’s also itty-bitty.

The pedal is in a Hammond 1590A sized box, 3 5/8″ x 1 1/2″ x 1 1/4″.  It’s got one footswitch and one RGB LED, and has a MIDI out connector on the short end.  The production version will have a USB port next to the DC power jack but this one has it on the other side.

It’s configurable using a serial terminal such as CyberDuck or PuTTY, and you can configure what the pedal will do on a “press” or on a “hold.”  Available messages are:

  • MIDI Note On / Off with selectable note and velocity
  • MIDI Program Change up or down with selectable upper and lower limits
  • MIDI Continuous Controller with selectable controller and value

Each action can work as a “toggle,” meaning that it flip-flops between two different messages or value, or a “one shot,” meaning it sends the same message every time.  Toggle mode will light the LED on the first press and turn it off on the second.  LED colours for each press are configurable as well, so you can use it for half-speed and reverse on your Timeline with red and blue LEDs, and it will be lit up purple when both are on.

We should have some demo videos of the configuration menu when the first batch of boards come in late this month.  Best estimate on pricing is $99.99 plus shipping.  The color options on these are somewhat limited:  Citrus Orange, Racing Green, Vintage Blue, or natural.

International Shipping Rate Changes for 2012

We’ve recently had some issues with international shipping, and we are now offering trackable international postage.  The rates are more expensive but not nearly as expensive as losing your pedal in the post with no tracking!

From now on, all international orders will be invoiced for actual shipping at the time of shipment.  Shipping is generally in the US$30-35 range, up from US$20.  The extra cost allows us to use a larger box with better packing material and to have a traceable package, which are both really important for making sure your pedal arrives safely and quickly.  We can also ship via USPS Global Express for an additional charge, just ask in the “Notes to Seller” at checkout.


Trading Everest Review – Money Making Robot Or Not? Analysis!

It’s time to review the Trading Everest software. Without any delay, we would like to warn you that it is a scam product and you should ignore it altogether. The software has made a comeback although it has been seen preying on the internet before as well. As soon as we noticed it we started to investigate about its ingenuity and things didn’t look rosy the moment we heard Jason, the co-founder of the Trading Everest system speaking of the profits that the software could generate. In this review, we would tell you the facts which helped us identify the evil intentions of the scammers and bring out valid explanations to prove our point. Indeed there are money making signals services.

What is the Trading Everest system?

The Trading Everest system has been advertised as a near-accurate signal generating service. The software can easily claim nine out of ten winning trades. Its winning rate has been consistently hovering around the 71%-85% mark, we are told. Jason allegedly earns around $45K per week while his wife is making close to $13K per week. Chris, with whose help Jason developed the software has reportedly raked in over $2,78,000 in the past three months as against Jason’s $4,50,600. What we did not understand is the reason behind such disparity among the weekly profits for Jason, his wife, and Chris! Does the software also have Artificial Intelligence that it gives special treatment to Jason, he being the boss?

The software works by utilizing mathematical equations and formulae to recognize the time when a potentially profitable trade would peak. The software allegedly uses probability, past statistical information and trading patterns as well in its trading decisions. We are introduced to a term TPP or Trade Peak Potential in course of the presentation. TPP is the time when if a trade is placed, it returns the maximum yield over investments. The whole set up comprises of a money-multiplier market screening system which scans the world exchanges to hand-pick such signals which are best suited to win the trades. This screening system coupled with the “super fast” Trading Everest system can do wonders we are told.

Contradictory Statements

The first thing you need to understand is that trading in binary options is not like what it is often presented as. We are talking about the statements that project trading as a joke of sorts. Statements like “profits at the touch of a button,” “without moving a finger” and “requires no experience” etc. are misleading. One does need a good understanding of the market trends and has to have a background of what he is dealing with.

The disclaimer itself mentions clearly that trading is not a risk-free activity and only those who could afford to lose a part or even their full investments, should be a part of it. While in the entire video, we are fed with the idea that trading with the Trading Everest software is 100% risk-free and guarantees extreme profits to the tunes of hundreds of thousands of dollars in a few months time.

Jason and Chris – The Scam Co-Founders!

We are told how after resigning from his job Jason approached his nerd friend since high school, Chris. They collaborated to work on the project using Jason’s trading knowledge and Chris’ math and programming skills. After months of testing, refining, and tweaking when Chris allegedly completed the software development, Jason named it the Trading Everest. The reason he gives is as weird as his talking throughout the presentation. What is worth noting is that he mentions a few times that he taught Chris about binary options trading and that he did not know anything about it. What an illogical statement that is! Jason teaches Chris about how binary options are traded after Chris has finished programming and developing the software? This is the height of stupidity to say such a thing and also to ignore it when you hear it.

We know that Jason and Chris are just imaginary characters. The presentation just employs a voice-over artist to lend the imaginary Jason a voice. Anyways, we do not get to see the faces of any human being in the entire presentation. We doubt if we ever saw a human picture on the entire website for that matter! We have never seen any such cases where a website advertising binary options auto-trading software is devoid of testimonials. No testimonials irrespective of the fact that they are genuine or false found place on the website.

False Trading Session and Counters

The website features a “Live” trading session of Jason which shows his trades for the past few hours. Let us tell you that there is no truth in what you see there. It is just a manipulated graphic which if monitored and watched closely would prove to be an eye-wash.

There is a fake counter which has been planted on the homepage to raise a false alarm. It has been advertised that if and only if one completes the sign-up related procedures within the 30 minutes of the counter, he would be eligible for a reward. The reward would be a 30-day extension to the already free monthly trial subscription. Don’t fall for this ploy, as you can easily see that anyone can still join the scam system even when the counter has long expired. Note that team behind this system is back with another system with a new name this time. Stay away from ZemuSoft at any cost!

The “Double Your Money” Offer

We could not understand the very idea and motive of the presentation of the video. For the majority of it, we are informed how easy it is to transform our initial investment of $200 to thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars by using the Trading Everest software. Then, towards the end of the presentation came the horrific proposal. If you fail to double your money in your six months usage of the software, then Jason would personally pay you $100? Wait a minute! What amount of money is being talked about here? Is it the $200 which should ideally get doubled within 60 seconds of using the software? We just don’t know what happened towards the end.


The Trading Everest software system would not take you to the top of the Everest. It is a dirty scam which would make its subscribers bite the dust. Do not mistake it for any life changing tool. Stay away from it, and that’s what our recommendation is.

DMC-3XL Now Available!

The long-awaited DMC-3XL is now available in the Store.

DMC-3XL in natural aluminum

The DMC-3XL is the newest product from Disaster Area Amplifiers.  It features the same modes and control as the popular DMC-3 pedal but with a built-in expression roller designed to get the most out of your Strymon Timeline pedal.  The expression roller is assignable to either the Timeline’s native “expression” parameter or Looper Level.  The DMC-3XL allows looper control including Record, Play, Stop, Undo, and Redo, as well as switching looper pre / post, looper half speed and reverse.  The DMC-3XL can change banks or programs on the Timeline and can remotely bypass the delay or engage the infinite repeats.  The DMC-3XL is priced at $169.99 plus shipping and is available in a range of optional colours at extra cost.  The current wait time for the DMC-3XL is 3-4 weeks from receipt of order.









DMC-3 Firmware 2.04 Released!

This is the long-awaited update for the DMC-3 pedal.

New features added:

4th mode: looper level control

Program changes go all the way to Bank 99B

Hold Button 1 in Looper (green) mode for Undo

“Hold” actions added to centre button in all modes:

Green:  Redo

Blue:  Bypass

Red: Infinite Repeat of delayed signal

White: Looper Pre / Post (LED changes from white to orange)

Looper level control increments or decrements on a single press or fade / swell on button hold.

This update is compatible with V2 and V1 pedals, no changes should be required.  This update should also be compatible with DMC-4 pedals but Button 3 (upper left) will not function.

Download on the Files page.

New Stuff and FAQs…

I’ve gotten a whole lot of emails regarding the new Strymon Timeline firmware, the DMC-3XL, updates to DMC firmware, etc. so instead of spending ten hours emailing everyone separately I’m going to post the info here.

Strymon Firmware:  Strymon has released a brand new version of the Timeline firmware which addresses a lot of issues and customer requests.  It allows a lot more control over MIDI, which is good for DMC users.

DMC Firmware Updates:

New features which the DMC series will be supporting soon:

Undo / Redo

Overall Bypass

Looper Level Control

Infinite Repeats

Changes to the DMC series firmware are in the works over the next couple of weeks.  The DMC-3 will be updated first, followed by the DMC-4 and DMC-6.  The release will be posted here and on Facebook, and we’ll probably mention it over at The Gear Page as well.

DMC-3XL:  This is a hot one.  The DMC-3XL is a new version of the DMC-3 in a slightly bigger box.  This is good because those DMC-3 boxes are TIGHT!  There’s also room for an expression roller or 1/4″ jack for an external expression pedal.  When ordering, you’ll be able to specify whether you want the roller or the jack, and if you get the roller you can position it on either side of the pedal.  In fact, the pedal comes drilled for the roller on either side and you can move it yourself with just simple hand-tools.  The expression roller / pedal will control either looper level, mix, or feedback / repeats.  The other buttons on the pedal work the same way as the regular DMC-3 and it will support Undo / Redo, overall bypass, or infinite repeats as well.

Pricing will be $169.99 plus shipping, and we’ll be posting pictures and video demos in the next couple of weeks.


Thanks for your continued support and interest.  Customer requests are what make these products work, and we know it.