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Introducing DisasterPlugs by G&H – the new standard in low-profile solderless cabling.

DisasterPlugs are an ultra-low profile solderless cable system, making them the ideal choice for your jam-packed pedalboard or rack system.  We offer cabling kits that allow the user to cut and terminate cables to any length required, or purchase our pre-made and tested patch cables.

Of course, a pedalboard cable system is only as good as its cable — and DisasterPlugs deliver. Our low-capacitance cable (37pf / ft) won’t load down your guitar signal and is made in the USA to our exacting specifications. The cable measures 0.150″ / 3.85mm in diameter for ultra-tidy cable routing.  It features an oxygen-free copper core for excellent signal transfer and a conductive inner shield to reduce microphonics.  DisasterPlugs are compatible with standard 0.155″ George L’s cable.

We’re not going to resort to wild claims about our cable kits.  The plugs are small, they work well, and they’re designed to be easily assembled and reassembled any time you need to make a change — without tearing up your thumbs.

A typical DPC-5 setup will require 10 cables for five looped pedals, while a DPC-8EZ will require 18 patch cables if the volume pedal insert is used.

DisasterPlugs may be configured as right-angle or straight plugs, just fold the cable into the notch on the handle.




DisasterPlug Patch Cable Features:

  • Ultra-compact Solderless Plugs 0.4″ / 10.24mm dia. x 0.435″ / 11mm long handle size
  • Allows for higher connection density / more pedals on your board
  • Each plug may be made as straight or right-angle
  • Simple connection, requires only a screwdriver (included)
  • Ultra-flexible cable measures 0.150 / 4mm diameter
  • Cable is extremely low capacitance – only 37pF / ft.
  • 24AWG oxygen-free copper core is larger than competing solderless cables
  • Semi-conductive inner shield reduces microphonics
  • Stranded center cable is more flexible and less prone to breakage than solid-core cables
  • Plugs and cable made in USA


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