DMC-6 in Deep Blue Sparkle
DMC-6 in Black SparkleDMC-6 in Black SparkleVintage Orange SparkleDMC-6 in Vintage Orange Sparkle with Expression RollerDMC-6 in Powder Blue with Expression RollerDMC-6 in Tiger Red SparkleDMC-6 in Tiger Red Sparkle with Expression RollerDMC-6 in Antique BrassDMC-6 in TL HammertoneDMC-6 in Brushed Aluminum

DMC-6 MIDI Foot Controller


6-button large MIDI controller

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Product Description

Disaster Area MIDI Controller, 6-button

The DMC-6 is our largest MIDI controller, with six easily stompable buttons and a built-in expression pedal input.  The upper-right LED is configured as an RGB LED for increased versatility.


Dimensions:  7.38″ x 4.7″ x 1.3″

Connections:  MIDI OUT, USB firmware update, 1/4″ expression control input (TRS)

Available control modes:

  • Red preset – 5 user-selectable presets, press the currently selected preset to bypass
  • Green preset – 5 user-selectable presets, press the currently selected preset to bypass
  • Blue preset – 5 user-selectable presets, press the currently selected preset to bypass
  • Orange preset – 5 user-selectable presets, press the currently selected preset to bypass
  • Violet looper – Looper record / overdub, play / stop, undo / redo (hold for pre-post,) half-speed, and reverse
  • White Scrolling – preset scrolling for two MIDI devices plus tap tempo

The DMC-6 was designed from the ground up to control the Strymon Timeline and Mobius together as one seamless unit.  Using the preset modes, the player can activate combined presets on each pedal simultaneously.  Any available user or factory preset may be recalled on either unit, including bypass.  The convenient tap tempo control on the front right corner of the DMC-7 sends commands to both Timeline and Mobius simultaneously.  The DMC-7 also has a separate third channel that may be used for controlling a DPC-5 or other MIDI device.  The third channel commands are mapped by default for the Line 6 M-series, and can easily be assigned to control the Eventide Factor pedals (Timefactor, Modfactor, Pitchfactor, SPACE.)

Alternate firmware configurations are available, including configurations for the Line 6 M-Series, Fractal Audio AXE-FX (Ultra / II,) universal MIDI program change, and Custom.  Please select Custom firmware only if instructed to do so by Disaster Area Designs.


Additional Information

Button Mapping

[4][5][6] [1][2][3] If the RGB LED is installed, it indicates the currently selected mode.

Strymon Timeline Firmware

The stock Strymon firmware performs the following functions: Looper Mode: 1: Record / Overdub 2: Play / Stop 3: Undo 4: Half Speed 5: Reverse 6: Pre / Post (in 6-button looper mode only) or Mode Change (combo mode) Preset Mode: Press the active preset to engage the Timeline bypass 1: Preset 00 / 00A 2: Preset 01 / 00B 3: Preset 02 / 01A 4: Preset 03 / 02B 5: Preset 04 / 03A 6: Preset 05 / 03B (in 6-button preset mode only) or Mode Change (combo mode) Mode Selection: Press and hold Button 1 at power-up for 6-button Looper Mode Press and hold Button 2 at power-up for 6-button Preset Mode Press and hold Button 6 at power-up for Combo Mode Press and hold button 3 at power-up to disable expression input Press and hold button 4 at power-up to map expression input to Expression Press and hold button 5 at power-up to map expression input to Looper Level DMC-6 RGB Version: With an RGB LED installed, the DMC-6 gains one extra preset mode, allowing access to presets 03B through 05B.

Line 6 Firmware

(M9 and M13 only) The M-series firmware serves the same functions as the Strymon version, but the expression pedal input is only mappable to Expression 1. Preset recall performs Scene Select in folder 1, or in folders 1 & 2 for RGB version

Axe-FX Firmware

Each button sends one of the default Axe-FX "Controllers," mappable in the MIDI menu. The buttons send Controllers 1-6 on buttons 1-6, and the expression controller sends Controller 7. These may be mapped to almost any parameter or group of parameters on the Axe-FX, allowing for supreme versatility.

MIDI Program Change Firmware

Sends MIDI Program Change on each button press. Press and hold any button to allow bank selection, allows for 6 banks of 6 presets each. Additionally sends a momentary MIDI CC command on a second press of the active preset (defaults to MIDI CC 64, value 127 for tap tempo.)