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Custom-made TRS cable for interfacing the DMC Gen3 Series MultiJack to Chase Bliss Audio devices for MIDI control.  Also works with the SMARTClock MultiJack or the DMC-3XL / DMC-4 Gen2 Expression port but not recommended due to the possibility of ground loop noise.

Connect your Chase Bliss Audio to your DMC Gen3 and experience its full power – access up to 120 presets, change tempo via tap or clock, control expression and bypass with a single tap.

The cable is highly flexible, made with a high-quality right-angle pancake style TRS plug and one of our custom DisasterPlug solderless ends.  You can trim the cable to any convenient length without needing to re-solder anything, making for an ultra-tidy pedalboard experience.

We sell two styles of this cable – one connects the 5-pin DIN MIDI port of the DMC Gen3 to the Chase Bliss gear, the other connects the MultiJack 1/4″ jack to your Chase Bliss pedal.  If you’re planning to connect one CBA pedal plus a chain of other MIDI gear we recommend you use the MultiJack version and save the main MIDI out for your standard MIDI gear.  If you purchase two of these cables (one of each type,) you can connect two Chase Bliss pedals to your Gen3 controller but no other MIDI devices.


Connects these devices:

DMC-3XL Gen3

DMC-4 Gen3

DMC-6 Gen3

DMC-8 Gen3


DPC-5 Gen3

SMARTClock Gen3


SMARTClock (not recommended)

DMC-3XL Gen2 (not recommended)

DMC-4 Gen2 (not recommended)


To these devices:

Warped Vinyl MkII

Wombtone MkII



Tonal Recall

Tonal Recall RKM





Connect the TRS / pancake plug to your Chase Bliss Audio device, connect the mono / DisasterPlug end to your DMC Gen3, and set JACK to MIDI in the DMC setup.

Set one of the scrolling devices (DevA, DevB, DevC, or DevD) to Chase Bliss.

Save the settings in the DMC Gen3.

Power the Chase Bliss Audio device on while holding both of its footswitches, then navigate to the scrolling mode for the device you previously set to Chase Bliss.

Tap either the left or right button on the DMC in scrolling mode, this will send a program change message to the Chase Bliss Audio pedal and set its MIDI channel.

Tap the left or right button on the DMC to verify that the Chase Bliss Audio pedal is responding to MIDI messages.

PLEASE NOTE we do not support the use of these cables with any other types of MIDI controllers.