DMC-0 now shipping!

The DMC-0 pedals are now ready to ship.  Most colours will take 3-4 business days to ship.


The DMC-0 is an ultra-compact MIDI controller with a single foot switch.  The DMC-0 footswitch will execute one action on a “tap” and a different action on a “hold.”  The DMC-0 is great for tap tempo, tuner / mute settings, half-speed or reverse on the Timeline looper, program up and down, or for just about any other MIDI utility task.

The DMC-0 has a USB port on the side and may be customized using a serial terminal application on any modern operating system.  The tap and hold actions may be changed, and the LED may be set to different colours for each mode.  We are working to have a software application in the next few months with a nice GUI to make customization a little prettier.  The same app will work on the DPC-5 pedalboard controller as well.

The DMC-0 and DPC-5 are available in the Store now.