DMC-3 + DMC-3XL Universal Strymon Timeline & Mobius Combo Firmware Released!

We’ve just released the new Strymon combo firmware.  It works great with the Timeline and Mobius, integrating the two pedals into a single cohesive unit.  The Timeline + Mobius combo firmware performs all of the standard Timeline functions, plus it adds an extra mode to control the Mobius.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Timeline must be set to MIDI Channel 1, and the Mobius must be set to Channel 2 in the Timeline Globals.  Both pedals should have MIDITH set to ON in the Globals.  The Timeline should have LPEXIT set to PLAY, and needs to be in buffered / DSP bypass.

The firmware updater is on our Files page here.

Violet – Mobius Control

1:  Bank Down (Program down in Program Change mode) (hold for scroll)

2:  Bank Up (Program up in Program Change mode) (hold for scroll)

3:  Mode Change (hold for bypass)

Configuration is performed by pressing and holding button 3 (center) at power-up.

Press the center button to select expression configuration.  Press and hold the center button once the expression selection has been made.  The RGB LED indicates the expression mode:

Off – disable

Red – Timeline expression

Orange – TL + MO expression

Green – Mobius Expression

Blue-Green – Timeline Tap (3XL J only)

Violet – TL + MO tap (3XL J only)

Blue – Mobius tap (3XLJ only)

White – Timeline Looper Level

The DMC-3 (non-XL) should be set to disable.  The tap modes will not operate correctly on a DMC-3XL with the expression roller.

The program / bank mode and instant / delayed stop mode are selected the same way as with the DMC-3XL firmware.