What I Did During My Summer Holidays…

…or this weekend! I built up a prototype two-button foot controller for doing some more development.

Big fun. It’s got two LEDs that I can set as desired, as well as a 1/4″ jack that will talk to a Roland EV-5. I haven’t tested it with a Line6 EX-1 yet but it should work okay with some mods.

The current code running in this box is my “generic” 2-button firmware. It sends two sets of messages that toggle. On pedal press (or press and hold) it sends one message, and then another message on release – that’s Set 1. The next time you press (or press + hold,) it sends a 3rd message, and a 4th one on release – those are Set 2. The pedal input sends any MIDI CC command. Right now it’s mapped to 7, which is “Volume.” So it’s a volume pedal 🙂

The current messages programmed in this are MIDI Note On 36 and 38 on the left and right switches. Releasing sends the corresponding Note Off messages, and the Set 2 messages are the same. What does all that mean? When you mash the left button you get a kick drum, and the right button gets you a snare drum. It’s pretty cool for the solo acoustic guys who like to stomp their feet. This pedal along with a small drum machine like an Alesis SR-16 or a sampler can get you a pretty cool sounding accompaniment, and it’s a little more advanced than those plywood boards with microphones in them…

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