DMC in the wild!

One of our customers just shared this:

…And yes I’m using the DMC-6 Code with pins 3 and 6 omitted so it’s a direct clone of the 4 buttons on the left hand side of the M9 (undo/half/rec/play). That little stutter effect is pretty cool as well, overall I’m very impressed with this.

Good stuff!

On the horizon – working with the Fractal Audio AxeFX.  I hear it’s limited to only two expression pedals!!?!  We’ll soon fix that.

Files Page Added

I’ve added a “Files” page, with wiring diagrams and firmware (binary and source.)  Currently there is a “generic” wiring diagram for the DMC-PCB as well as the M9 DD-6 Hold Mode firmware and the “test” firmware that ships with new boards.  I will be posting the 6-button M9 looper control firmware this weekend once I do some more testing on it.  I think it will work with the DMC as-is but I would feel better if I made sure it worked before posting.

Files page is here.

DMC-2 controllers now shipping.

Two-Button MIDI Controller

The boards are tested and ready to go, so the next step is putting them in their boxes.  This particular unit has two footswitches, two blue LEDs, and a 1/4″ jack for an external expression pedal.  The expression pedal is optimized for an EV-5 or similar with a three-conductor (stereo) plug.  It will also work with many passive volume pedals if you connect an “insert” or stereo Y-cable.  Tip = wiper, Ring = 5V, Sleeve = Gnd.  A Line 6 EX-1 will not work without some minor modifications, which we can do.

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