DMC v4 Board Details

I’m probably dooming myself at this point, but I’ve completed a layout for the v4 PCB.  The v4 has some new features to make the controller more universal, and some things to make it easier to incorporate in a project.


  • Onboard DC Power jack (center negative)
  • 8-pin MIDI Out jack, with AxeFX phantom power capability
  • LED driver chip, allows 8 LEDs in addition to standard I/O
  • 8 analog inputs, separate from the LED circuit
  • 8 digital pins, each configurable as either input or output. Continue reading

And now for something completely unrelated…

I bought an iPad a few weeks ago, and I’ve been using GarageBand on it to demo song ideas when I’m not around my normal home studio setup.  It’s a neat program but I was getting a little tired of using the “Smart Guitar” and “Smart Bass.”  I wanted to record some actual audio to the thing and to that end I bought an audio interface for the iPad. Continue reading