September Gallery Update

Two new pics in the Gallery today.  These are from the current batch that’s shipping out this week.  Black Sparkle is our most popular custom color at this time, but I think the Granny Smith Sparkle is amazing.

If anybody out there has pics of their pedalboards with DMC controllers, I would love to post them in the Gallery.  Contact me and I’ll make it happen.

New DMC-4 Firmware Released – Line6 M-Series

v1.00 of the Line6 M-Series firmware is released.

Right now this has only one mode, and uses the RGB LED on the DMC-4 to indicated half / reverse / undo status.

1  Record / Overdub (hold for Undo)

2  Play / Stop

3  Play Once

4  Reverse (hold for half-speed)


In Reverse mode, the RGB lights blue.  In half-speed, it lights red.  If both half-speed and reverse are active, the light is purple.  The RGB lights green for a moment after Undo is engaged, and if half or reverse are active, the LED just gets a bit brighter.  It’s pretty easy to see in action.

Half-speed / reverse was chosen as a hold / tap instead of the stock Line6 DL-4 style tap and double tap since it’s very easy with the DL-4 to engage the wrong mode.  In the next version, users will be able to choose double tap or tap-hold for half-speed at power-up.

Binary and source are on the Files page.

Fancy, Fancy!

Working on a new batch including some custom colors.  We’ve recently switched vendors on our powder coating, now we’re using the excellent Mammoth Electronics.  The quality is incredible and our customers have been very pleased with the results.  The results are on the Gallery page, and the pedals look super sweet.  Black Sparkle might be my new favorite finish…


This batch will be shipped this week,  and the average backlog is running 10-15 business days.  It’s good to be busy, and we appreciate your patience.  For those interested in custom colors, we order the boxes from our supplier when you order so that we have them in stock when your build slot comes up.  Right now, custom colors don’t add any time to your order so pick a color you love and we’ll do it up for you!

We’ve also added some links and buttons to connect to our new Facebook page.  We’re VERY new at the whole social media thing, but we’re trying.


New DMC-3 Firmware Release

Version 1.20 is available on the Files Page.  This version allows the user to change a couple of parameters to customize the pedal to their tastes.

Blue Mode is now changed to allow either Bank Scrolling or Program Scrolling.  With Bank Scrolling, a press of the buttons increments or decrements the Timeline Bank display, then you press A or B on the Timeline itself to engage a preset.  With Program Scrolling, a press of the buttons goes directly from one program to the next, with the preset already activated.

In Green Mode, we now allow either Delayed Stop or Instant Stop on the right button.  With Delayed Stop, a press of the right button will play the loop, and a press+hold will stop.  In Instant Stop, pressing the right button plays the loop if you’re not currently stopped, and pressing it a second time stops the loop.  This is more similar to the Line6 looper implementation, and it means you lose the ability to repeatedly trigger a loop.  Instant Stop does let you stop the loop without retriggering it first, which a few folks requested.

Engaging the new modes:

  • Bank Mode + Delayed Stop:  Press Left SW at power up
  • Program Mode + Delayed Stop:  Press Right SW at power up
  • Bank Mode + Instant Stop:  Press Left and Center SW at power up
  • Program Mode + Instant Stop: Press Right and Center SW at power up
The DMC remembers the mode you were last in and doesn’t need to be reconfigured at every start.
To update your firmware, please review the instructions on the Files Page.  PC users can use the DisasterUploader, which also works in VMWare on a Mac or Linux.  Mac or Linux users may also use the Arduino IDE to update their pedals – full details on this will be coming soon.
Finally, thanks to crxshdxmmy we’ve got a nice video explaining the whole mess: