October Updates

There’s a new version of the DMC-6 non-RGB firmware in the works.  It still does either 6-button looper control or 6 presets, selectable at power-up.  The new twist is that it also supports a “combo” mode that allows both 5-button looper control (no pre/post) and 5 presets.  Hold button 6 at power-up to enable combo mode, and the DMC-6 will remember it from then on.  Press button 6 (upper right) to switch between looper and preset modes.

Hit up the Files page for the download.

Also, new pics in the Gallery this week including a Black Sparkle DMC-6 and a Citrus Orange DMC-3.  Big batch is shipping tomorrow and will clear out a lot of the backlog.  We really appreciate your patience 🙂

DMC-2 Strymon Firmware Released!

Lots of updates this weekend – this one is the DMC-2 firmware.  The DMC-3 was originally designed to take the various options from the DMC-2 and make them all switchable on the fly.  That’s great for some, but lots of folks want something simpler.

The DMC-2 has three modes, selectable at power-up.

Press L for Bank Mode

Press R for Program Mode

Press L + R for Looper Mode

Looper Mode runs like the DMC-3 with Instant Stop enabled.

Here’s a sweet DMC-2 in Antique Brass:

It’s just a little something different.  Firmware release is on the Files page.

Disaster Uploader Info

We’ve had some inquiries about uploading firmware for the DMC pedals, for future upgrades in the field.  Until now, we had a pretty solid method of uploading firmware on a Windows PC using a small application that’s available on our Files page.  Mac users have been out in the cold, though.  This really stinks because I’m a Mac user!  The issue was that the avrdude program that we can easily script on a Windows machine using Visual Basic or etc. installs in a different way on a Mac.  It’s not impossible to do, though…

With Disaster Uploader X, Mac users can now upload their firmware without having to install Arduino and compile from scratch.  Instructions and the download are on the Files page.

UPDATE:  Due to some strangeness with the previous version of Disaster Uploader X, please re-download and use v1.03.  This moves the programming process to its own Terminal window so that the user can see any error messages as they happen.  Sorry about the inconvenience.