DMC-3 + DMC-3XL Universal Strymon Timeline & Mobius Combo Firmware Released!

We’ve just released the new Strymon combo firmware.  It works great with the Timeline and Mobius, integrating the two pedals into a single cohesive unit.  The Timeline + Mobius combo firmware performs all of the standard Timeline functions, plus it adds an extra mode to control the Mobius.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Timeline must be set to MIDI Channel 1, and the Mobius must be set to Channel 2 in the Timeline Globals.  Both pedals should have MIDITH set to ON in the Globals.  The Timeline should have LPEXIT set to PLAY, and needs to be in buffered / DSP bypass.

The firmware updater is on our Files page here.

Violet – Mobius Control

1:  Bank Down (Program down in Program Change mode) (hold for scroll)

2:  Bank Up (Program up in Program Change mode) (hold for scroll)

3:  Mode Change (hold for bypass)

Configuration is performed by pressing and holding button 3 (center) at power-up.

Press the center button to select expression configuration.  Press and hold the center button once the expression selection has been made.  The RGB LED indicates the expression mode:

Off – disable

Red – Timeline expression

Orange – TL + MO expression

Green – Mobius Expression

Blue-Green – Timeline Tap (3XL J only)

Violet – TL + MO tap (3XL J only)

Blue – Mobius tap (3XLJ only)

White – Timeline Looper Level

The DMC-3 (non-XL) should be set to disable.  The tap modes will not operate correctly on a DMC-3XL with the expression roller.

The program / bank mode and instant / delayed stop mode are selected the same way as with the DMC-3XL firmware.


DXI Added to the shop!

Our new DXI pedal is in the works.  The first run will be shipping the 2nd week in January.

DXIThis is the production prototype, the final version will have the knob labels silk-screened.  The basis for the DXI is a vintage radio circuit, rather than a copy of an old guitar pedal.  The real magic of the DXI is the Contour control, which allows the player to dial in as much or as little non-linearity as desired.  It can be an almost completely clean boost or a very dirty, gritty drive.  It adds some low-end push and fattens up the lower mids without being too muddy.

Sound samples and more details are available on the product page here.