DMC-2 controllers now shipping.

Two-Button MIDI Controller

The boards are tested and ready to go, so the next step is putting them in their boxes.  This particular unit has two footswitches, two blue LEDs, and a 1/4″ jack for an external expression pedal.  The expression pedal is optimized for an EV-5 or similar with a three-conductor (stereo) plug.  It will also work with many passive volume pedals if you connect an “insert” or stereo Y-cable.  Tip = wiper, Ring = 5V, Sleeve = Gnd.  A Line 6 EX-1 will not work without some minor modifications, which we can do.

What can you do with this pedal? The stock firmware allows for each button to send up to four messages.  One message is sent on a pedal down (press,) then another is sent on pedal up (release.)  Once those messages have been sent, the next time the pedal is pressed, a third message is sent, and a fourth one on release.  Any of these states may be skipped, so that you can have the pedal send the same message on every stomp.  The sent messages may be any type, including Program Change, Continuous Controller, or Note On / Note Off.  The expression pedal input sends MIDI CC, and defaults to CC7 (Volume.)

Potential uses for the pedal with stock firmware:

  • Send combinations of MIDI notes to a drum machine or synth – tap your foot for a bass drum or etc.
  • Activate the Boss DD-6 Hold Mode on your Line6 M9 or M13
  • Change programs on most MIDI synths, sequencers, and FX units
  • Convert a volume pedal to a MIDI expression pedal

With a firmware change, the controller can perform the same functions as the Line6 M9 or M13 looper controls.  The left button performs record / overdub, while the right switch performs play / stop.  This lets you access the most commonly-used looper controls without leaving the FX select mode, and the controller takes up only 4.37″ x 2.37″ (111mm x 60mm)

More details and ordering information in the store.