MIDI Controllers are here, plus DD-6 Hold Mode

Assembled MIDI Controller
First MIDI Controller built!

So the MIDI controllers arrived on Tuesday, and I have gotten about half of them assembled.  I found one wiring error on the PCB but it’s easily fixable, and the boards work as expected.

After some discussion with Rodrigo, I’ve whipped up the following example firmware for the MIDI controller board (I am going to need a catchy name…)  Rodrigo suggested that implementing the DD-6 Hold mode would be worthwhile, so I spent some time playing with things to see what I could come up with.  My first attempt was a little too ambitious – it works just as I wanted it to, but it doesn’t work like the DD-6.

DD-6 Hold mode:

Press and hold the footswitch to start recording.

Release footswitch to start playing.

Press & release footswitch again to stop playback.

The pedal steps through REC -> PLAY -> STOP as the footswitch is pressed.  This isn’t tough to do in software, it was mostly a matter of getting it to “feel” right.  I think I’ve got something workable, and it’s posted below.