DMC-2 controllers now shipping.

Two-Button MIDI Controller

The boards are tested and ready to go, so the next step is putting them in their boxes.  This particular unit has two footswitches, two blue LEDs, and a 1/4″ jack for an external expression pedal.  The expression pedal is optimized for an EV-5 or similar with a three-conductor (stereo) plug.  It will also work with many passive volume pedals if you connect an “insert” or stereo Y-cable.  Tip = wiper, Ring = 5V, Sleeve = Gnd.  A Line 6 EX-1 will not work without some minor modifications, which we can do.

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Store is open.

I’ve just updated the site to include a Store page.

Online Store

It’s primitive, right now I just have the v1.1 PCB and the two-button 1290 sized controller (DMC2) in there.  I will be adding the DMC4 and DMC6 to the store this weekend when I get photos taken of the assembled controllers.

Future plans:  A Products page with more details and info about the DMC series, and a Code page with info and download links to the firmware used in these controllers.