DMC-6 Firmware Added

I’ve put the firmware (binary and source) for the DMC-6 6-button controller on the Files page.  This firmware enables looper control using 6 footswitches.  It’s not quite as streamlined as I would like, and it does not yet incorporate some of the extra modes that I have planned.

When the controller powers up, the LEDs flash in a test pattern.  Pressing and holding a footswitch will take you into one of three modes (more modes to be added.)

  1. Looper Control
  2. FX Select
  3. FX Select (reverse pedal order.)

FX Select / RPO are exactly what they sound like – they just mirror the footswitches on the M9 when in normal mode.  I personally use reverse pedal order, available from the M9 Settings menu.  I find that after 20+ years of arranging my signal flow from right to left I am more comfortable with that.  Either mode will control the FX the same, but the pedals select the opposite FX for 1 and 3.  If you’re in FX Select, the bottom LEFT button selects 1A, and if you’re in RPO, the bottom RIGHT button selects 1A.

Looper Control – the M9 uses a simple state machine to control its looper.  What this means to us is that the M9 internally keeps track of what mode it is in, record, overdub, play, etc. and has its own switching logic.  Pressing the same switch in different modes does different things.  While the firmware attempts to mimic this as best it can, there are bound to be differences.  I can say for sure that the handling of the Reverse button by the DMC isn’t exactly what the M9 does (yet.)  This mode doesn’t allow any funny business like DD-6 Hold Mode or Raygun mode (repeated pressing of PlayOnce.)  If you want funny business, you’ll have to wait for the next revision of the firmware in a few days.