New DMC-4 Firmware Released – Line6 M-Series

v1.00 of the Line6 M-Series firmware is released.

Right now this has only one mode, and uses the RGB LED on the DMC-4 to indicated half / reverse / undo status.

1  Record / Overdub (hold for Undo)

2  Play / Stop

3  Play Once

4  Reverse (hold for half-speed)


In Reverse mode, the RGB lights blue.  In half-speed, it lights red.  If both half-speed and reverse are active, the light is purple.  The RGB lights green for a moment after Undo is engaged, and if half or reverse are active, the LED just gets a bit brighter.  It’s pretty easy to see in action.

Half-speed / reverse was chosen as a hold / tap instead of the stock Line6 DL-4 style tap and double tap since it’s very easy with the DL-4 to engage the wrong mode.  In the next version, users will be able to choose double tap or tap-hold for half-speed at power-up.

Binary and source are on the Files page.