DPC-5 Firmware Update available soon!

The DPC-5s have been flying out of the shop lately, and the comments we’ve been getting back have been overwhelmingly good!  That’s great, but we are continuing to improve them based on customer requests and feedback.

We released v1.01 a few weeks ago, which fixes a couple of annoying issues with the LEDs not showing the current active loops when entering manual mode, as well as allowing players to send MIDI bypass or “don’t care” to connected MIDI pedals from Strymon.

This week, we’ll be releasing v1.02, which incorporates the following new features:

1.  Bypass config:  While in preset save mode, tap the mode switch to cycle between red, green, blue, and now white banks.  Press and hold any select footswitch while in white bank save to store the current relay config in the bypass slot.  This is valuable for the folks using the TRS contacts for amp control, and it can also be used as a “favorite” patch accessible from any bank.  Likewise, in MIDI mapping mode the mode button can now cycle to white for bypass saving.

2.  Preset folders:  Press and hold buttons 1 and 2 (rightmost two buttons) to enter Folder Select mode.  Tap select footswitches 1-4 to select a preset folder, indicated by the AUX LEDs.  Folder 1 = Blue, 2 = Red, 3 = Yellow, 4 = Green.  Tap button 5 to exit Folder Select mode.  The mute relay will be engaged when entering Folder Select mode, and the DPC will enter the new folder in Bypass mode to avoid potential issues with stored high-gain patches.  Each folder behaves like a completely independent DPC-5, with its own MIDI program change and loop settings.

We’ll be posting a video with more details and the file for download on Monday the 28th.


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