DPC-5 v1.05 Firmware Update

Version 1.05 of the DPC-5 firmware is now available.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS UPDATE WILL OVERWRITE YOUR EXISTING PRESETS!  We had to re-arrange the contents of the memory to get everything in.  Please factory reset your controller following the update by pressing and holding buttons 1 and 5 at power-up until the select LEDs blink.


Preset Folders:

Press and hold buttons 1 & 2 while in any preset mode (red, green, blue) to select a preset folder.  Preset folders are indicated by the AUX LEDs above the select LEDs.  Folder 1 = blue, 2 = red, 3 = yellow, 4 = green.

Press button 5 to save and return to preset mode.  The last selected folder will be saved in memory and will be enabled on power-up.  Each folder has 15 additional presets, for a total of 60.

Power-on Configuration:

Press and hold the mode button at power-up to enter configuration.  Tap the mode button while in configuration to move between pages.

Mode Select (indicated by the Yellow AUX LED) – each button enables or disables one of the modes of the controller.

Button 1 = red mode, 2 = green mode, 3 = blue mode, 4 = looper mode (blue LED), single-MIDI mode (red LED), dual-MIDI mode (green LED), 5 = manual mode.

Expression Configuration (indicated by the red RGB LED) – each button enables or disables one of the expression destinations or configures tap tempo sending.

Button 1 = tap for Ext. Channel A.  Disables / enables sending MIDI tap on Ext. Channel A.

Button 2 = Side roller configuration.  Blue = looper, upper blue = expression Ext. Channel A, red = expression Ext. Channel B, off = disable.

Button 3 = Expression pedal input configuration.  Blue = looper, yellow = expression Ext. Channel A, green = expression Ext. Channel B, Blue + Yellow + Green = tap, off = disable.

Button 4 = TRS Tap.  Disables or enables sending analog tap using the “tip” of the TRS output jack (black, upper.)  If TRS Tap is active, manual mode and recalled presets will not activate the TRS relays.

Button 5 = tap for Ext. Channel B.  Disables / enables sending MIDI tap on Ext. Channel B.

Press and hold the mode button to save power-on configuration.

Reworked MIDI / Looper Modes:

White Mode is now Looper Mode.

Button 1 = Undo / Redo (hold for looper Pre / Post)

Button 2 = Half-Speed

Button 3 = Reverse

Button 4 = Play / Stop

Button 5 = Record / Overdub

Violet Mode is now configurable for single or dual device operation.

Single MIDI Mode

Button 1 = Tap Tempo

Button 2 = (Hold for infinite repeat, same as holding down A or B on Timeline)

Button 3 = Bypass / Engage

Button 4 = Preset Up (Hold for scroll up)

Button 5 = Preset Down (Hold for scroll down)

Dual MIDI Mode

Button 1 = Tap Tempo (Hold for bypass / engage B)

Button 2 = Preset B Up (Hold for scroll up)

Button 3 = Preset B Down (Hold for scroll down)

Button 4 = Preset A Up (Hold for scroll up)

Button 5 = Preset A Down (Hold for scroll down)

Mode Button = (Hold for bypass / engage A)


In Dual MIDI Mode, the left footswitches form a triangle that is identical to the “blue” mode on the current DMC-3.

If Violet mode is entered from White mode for preset editing, press and hold button 1 (far right) to enter the save dialog instead of the previous button 3.


Manual Mode (orange.)

If manual mode is enabled in the startup configuration, it may be activated by cycling the mode switch as the current red, green, blue modes.  If manual mode is entered in this manner, pressing and holding the mode button engages the mute function.


Lots of changes, lots of new functionality.  The good news is that if you just want it like it was before, you can still have it, minus the tap tempo in looper mode.  If you just want to use the controller as a Timeline or Timeline + Mobius controller and a direct-select loop switcher, you can do that too.  We’ll have the firmware update posted on the Files page later today, as well as some videos showing all the config details later in the week.

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