Using the DMC-6D MIDI Foot Controller with the iPad

In addition to being a great MIDI foot controler, the DMC-6D USB interface is also a class-compliant MIDI interface.  It may also be USB bus-powered, and that makes it a natural fit for using with the Apple iPad.


The iPad doesn’t have a built-in USB port, but you can use the Camera Connection Kit (CCK) to connect certain devices to your tablet.  Apple makes CCKs in both 30-pin and Lightning varieties.  They’re available at most retail stores that carry iPads for around $30.


30-pin (left,) Lightning (right.)
30-pin (left,) Lightning (right.)

Plug the CCK into your iPad’s connector, then connect a USB cable from the adaptor to the USB port of the DMC-6D.



In this pic, we’ve got the DMC-6D set up with the JamUp firmware, which sends MIDI Program Change messages to the iPad for preset selection.  We’ve also got a mode in the controller that sends MIDI CC messages for controlling the loop recorder in JamUp, and you can tap tempo to the metronome.

The DMC-6D can control lots of other iOS music applications as well – just hook it all up and look in your app’s settings for the “Disaster MIDI” interface!

We’ll have a video posted showing off what the DMC-6D can do with your iPad, so stay tuned!

You can order a DMC-6D in our secure online store here.