DPC-5 Firmware Update available soon!

The DPC-5s have been flying out of the shop lately, and the comments we’ve been getting back have been overwhelmingly good!  That’s great, but we are continuing to improve them based on customer requests and feedback.

We released v1.01 a few weeks ago, which fixes a couple of annoying issues with the LEDs not showing the current active loops when entering manual mode, as well as allowing players to send MIDI bypass or “don’t care” to connected MIDI pedals from Strymon.

This week, we’ll be releasing v1.02, which incorporates the following new features:

1.  Bypass config:  While in preset save mode, tap the mode switch to cycle between red, green, blue, and now white banks.  Press and hold any select footswitch while in white bank save to store the current relay config in the bypass slot.  This is valuable for the folks using the TRS contacts for amp control, and it can also be used as a “favorite” patch accessible from any bank.  Likewise, in MIDI mapping mode the mode button can now cycle to white for bypass saving.

2.  Preset folders:  Press and hold buttons 1 and 2 (rightmost two buttons) to enter Folder Select mode.  Tap select footswitches 1-4 to select a preset folder, indicated by the AUX LEDs.  Folder 1 = Blue, 2 = Red, 3 = Yellow, 4 = Green.  Tap button 5 to exit Folder Select mode.  The mute relay will be engaged when entering Folder Select mode, and the DPC will enter the new folder in Bypass mode to avoid potential issues with stored high-gain patches.  Each folder behaves like a completely independent DPC-5, with its own MIDI program change and loop settings.

We’ll be posting a video with more details and the file for download on Monday the 28th.


DMC-3 + DMC-3XL Universal Strymon Timeline & Mobius Combo Firmware Released!

We’ve just released the new Strymon combo firmware.  It works great with the Timeline and Mobius, integrating the two pedals into a single cohesive unit.  The Timeline + Mobius combo firmware performs all of the standard Timeline functions, plus it adds an extra mode to control the Mobius.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Timeline must be set to MIDI Channel 1, and the Mobius must be set to Channel 2 in the Timeline Globals.  Both pedals should have MIDITH set to ON in the Globals.  The Timeline should have LPEXIT set to PLAY, and needs to be in buffered / DSP bypass.

The firmware updater is on our Files page here.

Violet – Mobius Control

1:  Bank Down (Program down in Program Change mode) (hold for scroll)

2:  Bank Up (Program up in Program Change mode) (hold for scroll)

3:  Mode Change (hold for bypass)

Configuration is performed by pressing and holding button 3 (center) at power-up.

Press the center button to select expression configuration.  Press and hold the center button once the expression selection has been made.  The RGB LED indicates the expression mode:

Off – disable

Red – Timeline expression

Orange – TL + MO expression

Green – Mobius Expression

Blue-Green – Timeline Tap (3XL J only)

Violet – TL + MO tap (3XL J only)

Blue – Mobius tap (3XLJ only)

White – Timeline Looper Level

The DMC-3 (non-XL) should be set to disable.  The tap modes will not operate correctly on a DMC-3XL with the expression roller.

The program / bank mode and instant / delayed stop mode are selected the same way as with the DMC-3XL firmware.


DXI Added to the shop!

Our new DXI pedal is in the works.  The first run will be shipping the 2nd week in January.

DXIThis is the production prototype, the final version will have the knob labels silk-screened.  The basis for the DXI is a vintage radio circuit, rather than a copy of an old guitar pedal.  The real magic of the DXI is the Contour control, which allows the player to dial in as much or as little non-linearity as desired.  It can be an almost completely clean boost or a very dirty, gritty drive.  It adds some low-end push and fattens up the lower mids without being too muddy.

Sound samples and more details are available on the product page here.

DPC-5 Batch 2 now shipping!

You’ve waited patiently, and now the wait is over.  The DPC-5 Disaster Pedalboard Controller is now shipping.  We have several units in Batch 2 that are scheduled to go out over the next week, and then the Batch 3 units will be shipping.


Here’s the first unit from Batch 2:


The firmware is still under test to make sure it’s as good as it can be, but we will be done testing early next week and these will be flying their way to you.

DMC-0 now shipping!

The DMC-0 pedals are now ready to ship.  Most colours will take 3-4 business days to ship.


The DMC-0 is an ultra-compact MIDI controller with a single foot switch.  The DMC-0 footswitch will execute one action on a “tap” and a different action on a “hold.”  The DMC-0 is great for tap tempo, tuner / mute settings, half-speed or reverse on the Timeline looper, program up and down, or for just about any other MIDI utility task.

The DMC-0 has a USB port on the side and may be customized using a serial terminal application on any modern operating system.  The tap and hold actions may be changed, and the LED may be set to different colours for each mode.  We are working to have a software application in the next few months with a nice GUI to make customization a little prettier.  The same app will work on the DPC-5 pedalboard controller as well.

The DMC-0 and DPC-5 are available in the Store now.

DFS-1 and DFS-2 footswitches available in the Shop!

The DFS-1 and DFS-2 are non-MIDI foot switches, designed to work with a variety of amplifiers or other devices.  We have them available for applications like channel and reverb switching, tap tempo, expression control, and more.

They are super-small, 3.6″ x 1.2″ x 1.25″, and fit just about anywhere on a pedalboard.  The DFS-2 has the rear switch installed higher than the front switch to make stomp control easier.

More info in the Shop.

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DMC Series Line 6 Firmware

Short demo video of the Line 6 M-Series firmware for the DMC-3.  It’s similar to the Strymon firmware but allows for scene select rather than for bank up / down.  The M-Series do not allow looper control via MIDI, so that is removed but all of the other functions are present.

The Line 6 firmware allows the following:

Blue Mode

Left:  Scene Down (hold to scroll)

Right: Scene Up (hold to scroll)

Center: Mode Change (hold to bypass all)


Green Mode

Left: Looper record / overdub

Right: Looper play / stop

Center:  Mode Change (hold for looper undo / redo)


Red Mode:

Left:  Looper Reverse

Right: Looper Half-Speed

Center:  Mode Change (hold for looper pre/post)


Check out the video here:

DMC Series Strymon / M5 Combo Firmware

We’ve seen a huge number of players using the Line 6 M5 on their boards.  It’s a great “utility” pedal, since it can do all kinds effects really well.  We love the “Tube Drive” model, but don’t tell anyone…  The M5 does have one secret weapon – MIDI.  By connecting your Timeline and M5 together via MIDI, the DMC pedals can control both.  This means you’re free to put the M5 on the back row of your board out of the way while still being able to control it!  Here’s the video:


The music is by local metal band Outliar – check them out here.

No more backlog!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the following:  the pedal backlog has now been filled.  We shipped a record number of pedals in the last 2 weeks.  We will be shipping from stock or on short lead times from this point forward.

Here’s the last of the backlog, shipped today:


Many thanks to our customers for their patience, and we hope everyone will stick around to see all the cool stuff we have coming out in the next few months!  We’ll continue to post our in-stock units on Facebook for those interested in getting pedals immediately, so check us out over there.

September 2012 Updates

Lots of stuff happening here!  First, we moved into a dedicated workshop / office space.  This means a more streamlined process and faster turnaround times on orders, as well as the opportunity for us to create some great new stuff.

Next, we’re prototyping some new products as well as refining some of the new stuff teased earlier this summer.  The DMC iTTY biTTY boards should be here next week and we can get the first few of those shipped out to our beta testers.  Once we have some videos shot they’ll be in the store.  The loop switcher pedal + MIDI controller will be next, and then we have a couple of other things that we’ll announce in October.

Finally, we have selected winners for the T-shirt contest (yes, we know it’s really late!) and will be announcing them here and on Facebook on Monday.  Winners, just email us through the contact form with size and shipping address and we’ll get it taken care of 🙂

Thanks again to all of our customers / friends / family for making this such a good year for us at Disaster Area.  We can’t do it without you.

Big News!

After almost a year of sweating and freezing in the garage, we’ve moved into a space of our own. We have most of the equipment in the new shop and have been shipping pedals for the last few days. There are a few more things to get done (painting! desks! Ethernet cables!) but we are moving much faster on the queue than ever before. Right now we are on track to ship all current orders in the next 2 weeks! After that, we will be shipping from stock. Stay tuned for more announcements, we’ve got new stuff in the works very soon!

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Disaster Area Shirt Contest!

As a thank-you to our customers and friends, we’re giving away five Disaster Area t-shirts! Since we love you all and can’t pick favorites, we’re going to settle this by lottery. To enter:

1. Send us a photo of your pedalboard with a Disaster Area product installed. We’ll be putting the photos up in a special gallery here on the page and on our website
2. If you’re not currently using a Disaster Area controller, don’t worry. You can enter by liking us here on FB and posting a comment to this photo.

Shirts are available in men’s L, XL, and 2XL only. We’ll cover domestic shipping but we’d kindly ask any international contest winners to cover half the international postage. We’ll be giving away the shirts on July 13th, so you all have time to snap some sweet pics of your boards. We’re looking forward to seeing how creative you’ve all gotten with your Disaster Area controllers!

Here’s what the shirts look like:

To submit pics, post them on our Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/DisasterAreaAmps

Shirts are available in the Store as well!


Thanks, everybody!

DMC iTTY biTTY prototype!

The newest addition to the DMC lineup is the iTTY biTTY.  The “TTY” is old-school hacker slang for “TeleTYpe,” which is what we used to use to program computers back in the day.  It’s also itty-bitty.

The pedal is in a Hammond 1590A sized box, 3 5/8″ x 1 1/2″ x 1 1/4″.  It’s got one footswitch and one RGB LED, and has a MIDI out connector on the short end.  The production version will have a USB port next to the DC power jack but this one has it on the other side.

It’s configurable using a serial terminal such as CyberDuck or PuTTY, and you can configure what the pedal will do on a “press” or on a “hold.”  Available messages are:

  • MIDI Note On / Off with selectable note and velocity
  • MIDI Program Change up or down with selectable upper and lower limits
  • MIDI Continuous Controller with selectable controller and value

Each action can work as a “toggle,” meaning that it flip-flops between two different messages or value, or a “one shot,” meaning it sends the same message every time.  Toggle mode will light the LED on the first press and turn it off on the second.  LED colours for each press are configurable as well, so you can use it for half-speed and reverse on your Timeline with red and blue LEDs, and it will be lit up purple when both are on.

We should have some demo videos of the configuration menu when the first batch of boards come in late this month.  Best estimate on pricing is $99.99 plus shipping.  The color options on these are somewhat limited:  Citrus Orange, Racing Green, Vintage Blue, or natural.

Firmware update on the way for the DMC-3

We’ve had some requests for new features for the DMC-3 lately, so a new firmware revision is in the works.  This is a free upgrade, and takes just a couple of minutes to install using a USB cable.  Here’s what it does:

All the current features (undo / redo, pre / post, looper level, etc.) are still present.

Change configuration mode to be like the DMC-3XL and DMC-4, so you don’ t need 2 hands to configure it anymore.  Configuration can be done by foot when you power on the pedal.

Add configuration options for “white” mode:  Looper level (same as current,) Expression control, tap tempo (plus tap division on the other switch,) or disable.


This update should be ready within the next two weeks.