5P-TRS PRO MIDI Cable for Meris, Empress, Alexander




Upgraded professional version of our popular MJ-5P and 5P-QQ cables.  This single cable combines the functionality of both of our previous cables.

  • Connects most standard 5-pin DIN MIDI controller outputs directly to 1/4″ MIDI devices.
  • Low-profile MIDI plug rotates to 8 different positions to fit any required orientation.
  • SquarePlug SP-500S TRS plug is the lowest-profile soldered stereo plug on the market, allowing tight pedal spacing while maintaining reliability.
  • Compatible with the MIDI-TRS standard from MIDI.org

Please note:  Some applications of the 5P-TRS PRO require pin 2 of the controller’s MIDI output to be connected to ground.  If you’re not sure whether your controller supports this, please contact your device manufacturer for more info.  All Disaster Area controllers ground pin 2.

If your controller doesn’t ground pin 2 of its output, you’ll need to use an adapter such as our MIDI BOX ONE or MIDI BOX 4 and the corresponding 1/4″ cable.

Works with these devices and more:

Empress – All pedals with MIDI on 1/4″

Alexander – All Neo Series pedals

Meris – All pedals

Jackson Audio – All pedals with MIDI on 1/4″

Swindler – All pedals with MIDI

Boss – All 200-series pedals (requires 1/4″ to 1/8″ adapter, not included.)

Bondi – Art Van Delay

Cooper FX – All pedals with MIDI on 1/8″ (requires 1/4″ to 1/8″ adapter, not included.)

Red Panda – Tensor, Particle V2, Context V2 (may require firmware update to support MIDI over 1/4″)


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8in (20cm), 1ft (30cm), 2ft (60cm)