gHOST USB Adapter Cable Kit

$15.00 $12.99


This kit includes a 3ft. (450mm) USB A to USB Mini-B cable and  a 5in. (125mm) USB Host Adapter cable.

These cables allow you to connect a USB MIDI device to the USB port of a Gen3 controller.  Connect the adapter USB Mini-B plug to the DMC / DPC USB port.

Please note that this cable set is not required to use the previous gHOST Converter or Gen2 controllers with the gHOST option.

Supported Controllers:

DMC-3XL Gen3
DMC-4 Gen3
DMC-6 Gen3
DMC-8 Gen3
DPC-5 Gen3

Supported USB MIDI devices:

Zoom MS-50G
Zoom MS-60B
Zoom MS-70CDR