MJ-5P MultiJack to 5-pin MIDI cable


TRS to MIDI Adaptor Cable


Custom-made 3ft. 1/4″ right angle TRS to 5-pin DIN MIDI cable. Use this to get an extra 5-pin MIDI port from your Gen3 or newer controller.  Resulting 5-pin output port is compatible with all standard MIDI devices and conforms to the MIDI.org specifications in full.


Works with all Disaster Area Gen3 MIDI controller MultiJacks.  Not compatible with Gen2 or older units.

Directions for use:

Set the DIP switches for your controller’s MultiJack to ON-ON-ON (most controllers) or ON-ON-ON-OFF (SMARTClock Gen3, DMC-6/8 Gen3.)

Enter the controller setup menu and configure the MultiJack for MIDI output.
DMC-3XL / 4, DPC-5, DMC.micro, JACK = MIDI
SMARTClock Gen3, MJ C or MJ D = MIDI
micro.clock, J C = MIDI

Save and exit.

Need a different kind of adapter cable?  Please visit the links below for our different cable options:

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MJ-5P – 1/4″ MultiJack output to 5-pin (DIN) MIDI device

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Additional information

Cable Type

MJ-5P, 5P-QQ