PBA-EXP Expander Switch



Two-button Expander Footswitch for  use with the following controllers:

DMC-6 Gen3

DMC-8 Gen3

DMC-6D (Gen2)


Connect the PBA-EXP Expander Switch to the Gen2 Footswitch jack (red) or the Gen3 MultiJack 2 (white) to access additional functionality.

The DMC-6 Gen3 and DMC-8 Gen3 controllers may access the following functions by changing the options in the Setup Mode:

2TAP – Tap Tempo + Favorite function

2LPR – Looper Record / Overdub + Play / Stop functions

2BNK – Bank up + Bank down functions


The DMC-6D (Gen2) controller may access Tap Tempo + Favorite functions.

The PBA-EXP may also function as a two-button footswitch to control other devices.  Each switch is normally-closed momentary, wired to the TIP and RING of the 1/4″ jack.

The PBA-EXP includes an 18″ / 450cm TRS cable with right-angle ends.