Best-Tronics Right-Angle MIDI Cable


Right-angle MIDI cables, Made in the USA.



These are the best MIDI cables we’ve been able to find anywhere.


Made in the USA by Best-Tronics Pro Audio, these cables feature our exclusive metal right-angle plugs with rotating connector sleeves.  The cables ship from Disaster Area with both ends set in the “12 o’clock” orientation but are easy to re-configure for your application.  Simply loosen the screw on the head shell and carefully rotate the connector sleeve and pins to your desired orientation, then tighten the screw.  The BT MIDI cables are perfect for flat boards such as Salvage, Trailer Trash, or LA Sound Design, and also work great on boards with cable access slots such as Pedaltrains.


  • Four 24 AWG (42×40) Soft Bare Copper Conductors
  • 95% Tinned Copper Braided Shield
  • 0.245″ Outer Diameter PVC Jacket
  • DN-5501 Right Angle Plugs rotate to 8 different positions
  • Hand Soldered
  • All 5 Pins Wired for Clock/SYNC Capabilities & Phantom Power
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


The BT MIDI cables project approximately 0.75″ / 19mm from the DMC pedals with recessed MIDI jacks such as our DMC Gen3 and DMC.micro.  They protrude approx. 1.06″ (27mm) from the MIDI Baby and qCONNECT.

Cable Length Guide:

8 inch:  Perfect for going between two Strymon pedals placed next to each other on your pedalboard.

1 foot:  We recommend 1ft. for connecting between our DMC or DPC controllers and your MIDI pedals on the same row.

1.5 foot:  Connecting controllers or pedals on different rows of shallow boards such as the Pedaltrain PT-1 or PT-2.

2 foot:  Connecting controllers or pedals on different rows of deeper boards such as the Pedaltrain Novo / PT-3 / PT-Pro.

3 foot:  Connecting to off-board devices, connecting controllers at opposite corners of large boards.

Tip:  Use a piece of string or an old guitar cable to measure the cable length you’ll need before ordering.  Our cables are measured from plug to plug, when in doubt purchase one size longer than you think you need.  We are happy to swap out your cables if you order the wrong length, but you’ll have to pay the difference plus shipping both ways.

Need a longer cable or custom configuration?  We can offer 7-pin cables, custom lengths, and more. Contact us for a quote.

Need to rotate your cables?  Follow this guide:

MIDI Cable Instructions

Additional information


8 in. / 200mm, 1 ft. / 300mm, 1.5 ft. / 450mm, 2 ft. / 600mm, 3 ft. / 915mm