DMC-3 V2 pedals shipping

“V2” is how we’re describing the new hardware revision of the DMC-3 pedals.  This mod brings the DMC-3 into the same hardware revision as the DMC-4 and DMC-6 by using the 6-pin ICSP header for the RGB LED.

This harness requires a firmware change, so all pedals shipped after Jan 1 2012 will have a “V2” label near the USB port.  The board is the same as before, we’re just putting the RGB LED on different pins.  The firmware is only changed to re-assign these pins, all functions are the same.  The change should be transparent to the user, and the V2 and original pedals aren’t different in any way.  The old way of wiring the pedals interferes with the analog input for the expression pedal on the upcoming DMC-3XL and so we decided to just change over everything so that all the pedals with the RGB LEDs would be the same.

If your new pedal is one of these, don’t worry – you’ve got the same functionality as before including all of the updates (scrolling speed, power-up options.)  If you’ve got one of the many first-rev DMC-3’s, you’re OK too.  All of the new builds of the firmware will support either revision with no changes.  V1.30 is the first version that works on V1 and V2 pedals, and it will be released later this week.   There is no need to update your pedals yet, since V1.30 has no new features.  The next feature update will be 1.31 which allows access for all 200 presets when in Program mode, and that will be released in about 2 weeks.