DMC-4 v2.00 Firmware Released!

The new version of DMC-4 firmware is released.  This firmware revision brings the DMC-4 the same new feature set as the v2.08 DMC-3 update, and adds a new configuration mode similar to the DMC-3XL.

Please note:  When the firmware update is first applied, the new configuration variables need to be set by entering the DMC-4 config mode.  Hold button 4 at startup (upper right) and wait until all the LEDs stop blinking.  Press buttons 1-3 until their LEDs are off, and press  button 4 until the RGB LED is orange or white.  Once this is completed, the new configuration may be selected per the instructions on the Files page.  This procedure will not need to be repeated once the unit is configured for the first time.


Download the file on the Files page.



Mode 1 (looper control, blue)

Button 1 – record / overdub

Button 2 – play / (hold for stop) stop

Button 3 – undo / redo

Mode 2 (looper FX, red)

Button 1 – half speed

Button 2 – reverse

Button 3 – pre / post

Mode 3 (bank / preset, green)

Button 1 – bank / preset down

Button 2 – bank / preset up

Button 3 – bypass

Mode 4 (looper level, may be disabled)

Button 1 – looper level down

Button 2 – looper level up

Button 3 – looper full up / looper full off

Expression input may be assigned to expression (orange,) looper level (white,) or tap tempo (use external momentary switch like Boss FS5U, violet.)  If no expression pedal is connected, set expression input to tap to prevent spurious expression commands.


Press and hold button 4 (upper right) at power-on.

Blue LED on = preset mode, off = bank mode

Green LED on = instant stop, off = delayed stop

Orange LED on = foot level on, off = foot level off (disables white mode)

RGB LED orange = expression, violet = tap, white = looper level pedal assignment

Press and hold button 4 (upper right) to save configuration.