DMC-6D MIDI Foot Controller for Ableton Live – USB MIDI Demo

The new DMC-6D MIDI foot controller has some killer features that can definitely make your life on-stage easier.  Whether you’re leading worship or rocking at the club, adding loops and effects from Ableton Live can really expand your musical horizons.  By adding in a DMC-6D, you can use Ableton Live to actually switch MIDI-capable pedals on your pedalboard!

Here’s how it works:

The DMC-6D appears as a MIDI interface to your Mac or PC.  It’s class-compliant and requires no drivers, just plug and play.

Create a new MIDI track in Ableton Live.  Open up the IO panel and set its output to the Disaster MIDI device.  Optionally, set its channel to the channel number of the device you’re controlling.  We’re using Channel 2 to send to the Timeline in our video.

Create a new clip in the MIDI track by double-clicking on a slot.  If you want to send a patch change when you start the verse of your song then create a clip on the same line (scene) as the clips for that song section.  If you want to make your Timeline switch to 00A in the verse, for example, create a MIDI clip on the same line as the verse clip.  Go down to the MIDI details at the bottom of the window and select Program 1.

That’s it!  You’re all done.

The video also shows how to sync up the tempo using MIDI clock – if you’re going to do this with a Strymon Timeline then we recommend you update your Timeline to v1.43.  Set your Globals to disable both MC SWEEP and MC RESET to avoid glitchy sounds when changing tempo using MIDI clock.

For more information about the DMC-6D or to pre-order a pedal, head over to the Shop.  We’ll be ready to ship these in black and white in mid-October.