DMC Garage Sale

We have some older model DMC PCB’s as well as a prototype DMC-2 foot controller available for sale.

$89.99 shipped

$49.99 shipped

The DMC-2 uses the version 1 PCB.  These have the same ports available as the v2 boards, but they are longer and wider.  They have much bigger screw terminals as well, and have the DC jack on the board.  The jack is center-positive, and is not Boss / Ibanez compatible.  They do not have an onboard LED at pin 13, and also do not have the 220-ohm current-limiting resistor for running an expression pedal (you can fit it on the 1/4″ jack easily though.)

The DMC-2 is ready to go with the current firmware, and runs either stutter or rec/play depending on the mode it’s set to.  The PCB can be programmed with any firmware you like.

Contact us if you’re interested in getting older boards or a whole controller at a reduced rate 🙂