DMC-LED16 Boards are here!

This is kind of a special-interest post, since most of our customers are using DMC-3s at this point, but for those of you interested in custom applications this is pretty cool.

This board allows the DMC board to control up to 16 LEDs using the same interface as the V2-style RGB LED board.  In theory, this board could let you have 5 RGB LEDs on a pedal with one LED to spare.  This board was developed for custom applications where more than 6 LEDs are required – using one of these boards we can offer controllers with up to 12 footswitches, 2 analog inputs, and 16 LEDs.  Each RGB LED used requires 3 LEDs, so with the previous example you could have one of your LEDs as an RGB and still have enough left to assign one LED to each footswitch.

This board will probably not get used in a regular DMC pedal, but it has lots of applications for custom setups.  If you need something complicated that the regular DMC series won’t do, contact us and let us know.