DMC Series Line 6 Firmware

Short demo video of the Line 6 M-Series firmware for the DMC-3.  It’s similar to the Strymon firmware but allows for scene select rather than for bank up / down.  The M-Series do not allow looper control via MIDI, so that is removed but all of the other functions are present.

The Line 6 firmware allows the following:

Blue Mode

Left:  Scene Down (hold to scroll)

Right: Scene Up (hold to scroll)

Center: Mode Change (hold to bypass all)


Green Mode

Left: Looper record / overdub

Right: Looper play / stop

Center:  Mode Change (hold for looper undo / redo)


Red Mode:

Left:  Looper Reverse

Right: Looper Half-Speed

Center:  Mode Change (hold for looper pre/post)


Check out the video here: