DPC-5 v1.08 Firmware Update

OK, so after some intense coding, we have a new version of the DPC-5 firmware ready. It’s not a “feature” release, so it doesn’t have anything new, but it does fix the issues with the looper level on Timeline v1.33.

If you’re using your DPC-5 with the Timeline v1.23, this update will break your looper level controls, so don’t do it! However, the v1.33 update fixes some big looper issues so we definitely recommend updating your Timeline with it.

One big change is that we’re now scanning the buttons a little differently, so that in looper mode the DPC will send record, play, stop, half-speed, and reverse commands immediately upon a button press. Previously the commands were sent on the button _release,_ so it was a little hard to keep loops in rhythm. Thanks to a couple of our customers we now have this thing looping like a champ!

Here’s the changelog:

Changed buttonRead() function to allow for instant action
All MIDI mode buttons now use instant action
Added send MIDI PC on DPC channel on preset save for chaining
Changed looper level CC range from 0-17 to 0-127 for Timeline v1.33 update

This update will NOT break your presets if you start from v1.05 or up. You should also not need to perform a factory reset after this update.

Get it on the Files page here.