Fancy, Fancy!

Working on a new batch including some custom colors.  We’ve recently switched vendors on our powder coating, now we’re using the excellent Mammoth Electronics.  The quality is incredible and our customers have been very pleased with the results.  The results are on the Gallery page, and the pedals look super sweet.  Black Sparkle might be my new favorite finish…


This batch will be shipped this week,  and the average backlog is running 10-15 business days.  It’s good to be busy, and we appreciate your patience.  For those interested in custom colors, we order the boxes from our supplier when you order so that we have them in stock when your build slot comes up.  Right now, custom colors don’t add any time to your order so pick a color you love and we’ll do it up for you!

We’ve also added some links and buttons to connect to our new Facebook page.  We’re VERY new at the whole social media thing, but we’re trying.