New Products for Fall 2014!

Here’s a short rundown of the new stuff we are releasing this fall:


1.  SMARTClock Intelligent Tempo Controller

The SMARTClock is a compact MIDI clock and tap tempo source for your pedalboard.  It’s small with a big blue LED display and a cool flashing knob.  Connect it to your MIDI pedals to synchronize them all to its super accurate master clock.  Connect it to your non-MIDI tap tempo compatible pedals to send them taps with nine different subdivisions (whole, half, quarter, dotted eighth, triplets and more.)  Up to 128 presets and full USB MIDI support round out this incredibly useful stage and studio tool.

SMARTClock Frontpage

2.  SMARTSwitch 2

This one has been a long time coming!  The SMARTSwitch 2 is a MIDI-controlled dual remote switch with some cool options.  Each output is fully isolated, so you can use one SMARTSwitch to control two different effects or amps.  The “A” output supports a stereo / TRS connection for stuff that supports that style of switching, or you can use two cables to connect to separate functions on amps like the Mesa Mark series, etc.  The SMARTSwitch 2 supports MIDI CC control and full USB MIDI implementation so there are lots of ways to control your gear.  The

SMARTSwitch Frontpage

3.  DPC-5 Gen2 Update

We’ve updated the DPC-5 with the Gen2 chipset.  Starting with serial number 0419, the DPC-5 now supports USB MIDI communication.  We’ve also updated the TRS relays with the same optical technology found in the SMARTSwitch 2 and the SMARTClock, and added the Z-Mode Buffer from our popular DPC-8EZ.

DPC-5 Front Angle