New Strymon Firmware Posted

Lots of stuff happening really quickly over here.  We’ve got new builds of firmware for the DMC-4 and -6.

The DMC-6 firmware is just full-time looper control.  The bottom / front row of the DMC mimics the Timeline switches:  Record / Play / Stop.  The top row adds access to the “hidden” looping functions:  Half / Reverse / Pre+Post.

The DMC-4 firmware is a little more involved.  The DMC-4 uses the upper-left switch to cycle between three modes, which are indicated by one color of an RGB LED.

Blue mode gives bank up + bank down + program 00 (Bank 1A.)  The bank switches auto-scroll if the buttons are held.

Green mode adds looper record + looper play (hold for stop.)

Red mode offers looper half speed and reverse.

Both firmwares are posted on the Files page.