October Updates

There’s a new version of the DMC-6 non-RGB firmware in the works.  It still does either 6-button looper control or 6 presets, selectable at power-up.  The new twist is that it also supports a “combo” mode that allows both 5-button looper control (no pre/post) and 5 presets.  Hold button 6 at power-up to enable combo mode, and the DMC-6 will remember it from then on.  Press button 6 (upper right) to switch between looper and preset modes.

Hit up the Files page for the download.

Also, new pics in the Gallery this week including a Black Sparkle DMC-6 and a Citrus Orange DMC-3.  Big batch is shipping tomorrow and will clear out a lot of the backlog.  We really appreciate your patience 🙂