SMARTLoop Now Available!

The new SMARTLoop is officially available.  The SMARTLoop is a dual-stereo loop switcher with MIDI in and out.  It may be reconfigured using a set of internal DIP switches to a quad-mono setup.

The SMARTLoop will work with your existing MIDI controller or multi-effects unit.  Simply connect the SMARTLoop to the MIDI out of your controller, and patch your pedals into its sends and returns.  Tap the SMARTLoop footswitches to select the effects you’d like to hear, then press-hold the left button to enable the SMARTLoop’s MIDI learn.  Send a program change message from your controller and the SMARTLoop will remember those settings – the next time you access that program on your controller the SMARTLoop will automatically engage your pedals.  The SMARTLoop switches remain active so you always have access to your effects.

By reconfiguring the SMARTLoop to mono mode, you can use stereo Y-cables to split the signal chain to allow connecting four pedals.  Check out the video below for a demo of four-channel mode:



The SMARTLoop is designed to work with most MIDI controllers, but it really shines when paired with our DPC-5 and DMC-6 / 6L / 7.  The SMARTLoop adds two or four extra loops to the DPC-5, and can turn your DMC-6, DMC-6L, or DMC-7 into the heart of a pedal switching system.

We’re offering a $20 discount on the SMARTLoop to existing DPC-5 and DMC-6 / 6L / 7 owners.  We’re also offering a bundle pack combining either the DPC-5 or DMC-7 with a SMARTLoop at the same discount.  Please contact us for details regarding the DPC-5 discount.

Check out the SMARTLoop in the shop!