Strymon Timeline Update!

Thanks to one of our customers, we’ve been able to do some serious testing with the Strymon Timeline.  The TL has some quirks with regards to MIDI, but it’s working great now.

The following video demonstrates bank switching, looper transport control (rec / dub / play / stop,) and looper mode control (half, reverse.)

It’s a little jerky due to the hand-held cam, but it’s a pretty good illustration regardless.

The pedal is a DMC-4 squeezed into a DMC-2 box the first DMC-3.   It’s similar to the DMC-4, but one of the switches is omitted, and the firmware is slightly altered to make it work.  For those interested, the controls function as follows:

Blue Mode:

Left switch:  Bank down (hold for bank scroll down)

Right switch:  Bank up (hold for bank scroll up)

Green Mode:

Left switch:  Record (overdub if playing or recording)

Right switch: Play (hold for Stop)

Red Mode:

Left switch:  Half Speed

Right switch:  Reverse

On the DMC-4, the controls are the same but with some extra stuff for the 3rd button.  The 3rd switch enables a “favorite” preset in blue mode, looper stop in green mode, and looper pre/post in red mode.  The “Favorite” preset just changes to program 00, Bank 00A.

I’m hoping to post some more video of the Timeline in action later this week.