Support for Fractal Audio AxeFX added!

Some new developments with the DMC firmware and hardware.

First, due to some customer comments, we have added another mode to the current DMC-6 firmware.  This mode may be selected by holding down switch 4 (upper left on the DMC-6) at power-up.  This mode makes each switch toggle the AxeFX “Control” 1 through 6 CC values between 0 and 128, and the associated switch LED toggles to match.  The expression input sends CC as well, and is mapped to Control 7.  You will need to update your DMC-6 to 1.05 to use this mode.

Second, we have updated the DMC series boards to accommodate an 8-pin MIDI jack that is compatible with the 7-pin MIDI on the AxeFX.  We have to do a little bit more testing but the proof of the pudding is in the eating, as my grandmother used to say.

For more information, please contact us.