The All New DPC-5 Gen3

I’ve been asked many times for some more specifics and details regarding the new DPC-5 Gen3, especially comparing it to our other new MIDI controllers and switching systems.  The short answer is that the DPC-5 Gen3 is positioned between the DMC-3XL / DMC-4 Gen3 and the DMC-6 / DMC-8 Gen3 in terms of MIDI capabilities, but adds programmable effects loops and a TRS control output jack.  It’s designed to control small-to-medium pedal boards by itself, and may be expanded using a DPC-8EZ.


How many MIDI devices can the DPC-5 Gen3 control?  Up to four devices on their own MIDI channels, plus a fifth channel is dedicated to a DPC-8EZ.

How many non-MIDI pedals can the DPC-5 control?  Up to five in its effects loops.

How many amplifier functions can the DPC-5 control?  Two using a single TRS cable (tip and ring) plus one more using the MultiJack as a toggle output for a total of three.


Note that the connections for FX1-FX5 input / output are reversed! The corrected diagram is in the manual!


How many tap tempo devices can the DPC-5 control?  One using the MultiJack, up to two more using the TRS ouptut for a total of three.  If sending tap tempo using MIDI, an additional four devices may be controlled for a total of seven.

How many presets does the DPC-5 Gen3 have?  Up to 32 banks of 4 presets each, for a total of 128, plus two extra global bypass and favorite presets.

What kind of external control options does the DPC-5 Gen3 offer?  The expression input may connect to an expression pedal or a momentary footswitch to control a variety of functions.



What is this MultiJack you keep talking about?  The MultiJack is a multi-function connector that you can assign to perform one of several useful functions.  You can use it to send taps to a non-MIDI pedal that supports tap tempo, or to send MIDI to Chase Bliss or Empress pedals.  You can use it to read an expression pedal or footswitch, or you can use it to change channels or options on your amplifier.



We’re in the middle of shooting some technical instruction videos for the DPC-5, covering tasks like setting up your MIDI devices, creating presets, and using the MultiJack.  Is there something you’d like to see specifically covered?  Email us and let us know!