Trading Everest Review – Money Making Robot Or Not? Analysis!

It’s time to review the Trading Everest software. Without any delay, we would like to warn you that it is a scam product and you should ignore it altogether. The software has made a comeback although it has been seen preying on the internet before as well. As soon as we noticed it we started to investigate about its ingenuity and things didn’t look rosy the moment we heard Jason, the co-founder of the Trading Everest system speaking of the profits that the software could generate. In this review, we would tell you the facts which helped us identify the evil intentions of the scammers and bring out valid explanations to prove our point. Indeed there are money making signals services.

What is the Trading Everest system?

The Trading Everest system has been advertised as a near-accurate signal generating service. The software can easily claim nine out of ten winning trades. Its winning rate has been consistently hovering around the 71%-85% mark, we are told. Jason allegedly earns around $45K per week while his wife is making close to $13K per week. Chris, with whose help Jason developed the software has reportedly raked in over $2,78,000 in the past three months as against Jason’s $4,50,600. What we did not understand is the reason behind such disparity among the weekly profits for Jason, his wife, and Chris! Does the software also have Artificial Intelligence that it gives special treatment to Jason, he being the boss?

The software works by utilizing mathematical equations and formulae to recognize the time when a potentially profitable trade would peak. The software allegedly uses probability, past statistical information and trading patterns as well in its trading decisions. We are introduced to a term TPP or Trade Peak Potential in course of the presentation. TPP is the time when if a trade is placed, it returns the maximum yield over investments. The whole set up comprises of a money-multiplier market screening system which scans the world exchanges to hand-pick such signals which are best suited to win the trades. This screening system coupled with the “super fast” Trading Everest system can do wonders we are told.

Contradictory Statements

The first thing you need to understand is that trading in binary options is not like what it is often presented as. We are talking about the statements that project trading as a joke of sorts. Statements like “profits at the touch of a button,” “without moving a finger” and “requires no experience” etc. are misleading. One does need a good understanding of the market trends and has to have a background of what he is dealing with.

The disclaimer itself mentions clearly that trading is not a risk-free activity and only those who could afford to lose a part or even their full investments, should be a part of it. While in the entire video, we are fed with the idea that trading with the Trading Everest software is 100% risk-free and guarantees extreme profits to the tunes of hundreds of thousands of dollars in a few months time.

Jason and Chris – The Scam Co-Founders!

We are told how after resigning from his job Jason approached his nerd friend since high school, Chris. They collaborated to work on the project using Jason’s trading knowledge and Chris’ math and programming skills. After months of testing, refining, and tweaking when Chris allegedly completed the software development, Jason named it the Trading Everest. The reason he gives is as weird as his talking throughout the presentation. What is worth noting is that he mentions a few times that he taught Chris about binary options trading and that he did not know anything about it. What an illogical statement that is! Jason teaches Chris about how binary options are traded after Chris has finished programming and developing the software? This is the height of stupidity to say such a thing and also to ignore it when you hear it.

We know that Jason and Chris are just imaginary characters. The presentation just employs a voice-over artist to lend the imaginary Jason a voice. Anyways, we do not get to see the faces of any human being in the entire presentation. We doubt if we ever saw a human picture on the entire website for that matter! We have never seen any such cases where a website advertising binary options auto-trading software is devoid of testimonials. No testimonials irrespective of the fact that they are genuine or false found place on the website.

False Trading Session and Counters

The website features a “Live” trading session of Jason which shows his trades for the past few hours. Let us tell you that there is no truth in what you see there. It is just a manipulated graphic which if monitored and watched closely would prove to be an eye-wash.

There is a fake counter which has been planted on the homepage to raise a false alarm. It has been advertised that if and only if one completes the sign-up related procedures within the 30 minutes of the counter, he would be eligible for a reward. The reward would be a 30-day extension to the already free monthly trial subscription. Don’t fall for this ploy, as you can easily see that anyone can still join the scam system even when the counter has long expired. Note that team behind this system is back with another system with a new name this time. Stay away from ZemuSoft at any cost!

The “Double Your Money” Offer

We could not understand the very idea and motive of the presentation of the video. For the majority of it, we are informed how easy it is to transform our initial investment of $200 to thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars by using the Trading Everest software. Then, towards the end of the presentation came the horrific proposal. If you fail to double your money in your six months usage of the software, then Jason would personally pay you $100? Wait a minute! What amount of money is being talked about here? Is it the $200 which should ideally get doubled within 60 seconds of using the software? We just don’t know what happened towards the end.


The Trading Everest software system would not take you to the top of the Everest. It is a dirty scam which would make its subscribers bite the dust. Do not mistake it for any life changing tool. Stay away from it, and that’s what our recommendation is.