Introducing MIDI Baby!

MIDI Baby is the smallest fully-programmable MIDI controller in the world. Use our intuitive editor app to configure the footswitch, MIDI port, MultiJack, USB port, and even the color of the LED! MIDI Baby can send a wide variety of MIDI messages to your gear, allowing simple control of even complex rigs.

One Tap Changes Everything™

At Disaster Area Designs, we offer a full line of pedalboard control solutions.  Our compact MIDI controllers and pedalboard switchers allow you to change presets, engage multiple pedals with a single tap, and even manage all of your tap-tempo devices from a single location.  These little boxes let you stop tap-dancing and start playing.

Like effects pedals?  Of course you do.  Check out our line of handcrafted delay, modulation, reverb, and drive pedals:

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