It’s that time again!


This is pretty self-explanatory.  Just buy whatever you want, and we’ll automatically take 15% in the shopping cart.  If you buy EVO kits, bulk plugs, or bulk cable, we’ll take 20% off those.  Please note the coupons don’t stack on the plugs, it’s a straight 20% discount on them.  Sale ends Monday at midnight Eastern.



Introducing EVO Solderless.  Your tone, evolved.




One Tap Changes Everything™

At Disaster Area Designs, we offer a full line of pedalboard control solutions.  Our compact MIDI controllers and pedalboard switchers allow you to change presets, engage multiple pedals with a single tap, and even manage all of your tap-tempo devices from a single location.  These little boxes let you stop tap-dancing and start playing.


Like effects pedals?  Of course you do.  Check out our line of handcrafted delay, modulation, reverb, and drive pedals:

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